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Monday, December 19, 2011

Google Wallet APK for Galaxy Nexus

Now, if you want to buy something or pay, etc. You will use Credit card or other. But now, you can use new online Wallet, not Paypal or other, but google wallet who is new online payment service. I will serve to you this ap with APK file. Before that, i will give ou description and information about this online wallet.

APK method
You need:

* (NOT in the US only) A rooted device
* (NOT in the US only) Market Enabler
* A device running Android 4.0.2
* saved on your device

General Instructions

Pull down the notification bar and hit the settings icon next to the date. Then choose "About phone" at the bottom. If "Android version" is NOT listed as "4.0.2", you need to update to a new version. Do that before continuing.

Now, what needs to happen next depends on where you are:
I'm not in the US!
If you're NOT in the US, you'll need to be rooted. Grab Market Enabler from the Android Market and install it.
Run Market Enabler and set yourself as "US T-Mobile".
Now follow the US instructions.

I'm in the US!
Open the Wallet APK on your phone e.g. using ASTRO/File Expert/Root Explorer/the download manager.
Now just open Wallet, and it should correctly authorise.

Secure Element not responding!
If you have a Nandroid backup of a version of Wallet that worked, try restoring to that. Otherwise, you're screwed unless you get a new device. The Secure Element in your phone has now locked you out.

Insufficient Privileges. Insufficient secure element privileges for this system image (release-keys)
Err, what? This should only occur if you previously used the ZIP method. If so, you'll need to manually restore the old versions of the files.
This can be achieved by either restoring a Nandroid backup from before you flashed OR by following instructions in this post.

I have something not answered here!
Post in this topic and it'll probably get answered pretty quickly.

While Google Wallet isn’t yet available for devices with an NFC chip, like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, there have been some workarounds that required you to root your device, then install an update at the bootloader level. Now, in most cases, can be installed with a simple APK, whether you have the GSM or CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus

Download Google Wallet APK for Galaxy Nexus from here

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