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Monday, January 23, 2012

Counter Strike APK For Android 2.0+ & 2.3+

The XDA-Developers are hard at work on a full port of Counter-Strike to Android devices, but they’ve already released two playable versions Android owners can run go get free right now. The developer, Tipoh said that It is the mobile version of Counter Strike 1.6 APK powered by Unity 3D. More than 600 players online and you also can play web version using your browser.

5o version works on Android 2.0+ (but not ICS), ARMv6+, GL 1.0+
6p version works on Android 2.3+, ARMv7, GL 1.0+

Dev's team:
Developer: FrIuNs
Dev's helper: TiP@H

Changelog (version 6p):
- added new maps
- now you can install fire button everywhere you want
- you can kick players if you are a host
- aim fixed

Gameplay on Xperia Play (5o version):
Gameplay on SGS II (6u version):

Q: Are there any bots?
A: Yes, but only in 5o version. (map singleplayer)
В: How can I jump?
О: You can't jump on the 5o version, but you can jump in 6u version.
В: Is it possoble to play on ARMv6 devices?
О: Yes, but you would have problems with graphics. (only in 5o version)

If you have any bugs: record a video and send me via PM

Web site:

Download Counter Strike APK from XDA-Developer Forum or here

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