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Thursday, January 19, 2012

DroidSMS 5.0 APK

For you like to have android with many character of your droid. Now, you can get SMS with this aplication who will give or serve to you many avatar will made your day fun. Not just that, DroidSMS 5.0 APK is ery similar to the robotic android. Obviously this brings special attraction for the lovers of android. Maybe it’s a lot of similar applications, but the strength of this application is the use of avatars.


1. Android avatars system
Unlike other message apps,DroidSMS use android avatars everywhere instead of contact photos.When run DroidSMS for the first time,it will randomly generates android avatars for each contact.You can configure each avatar manually by click on the avatar you want to change.These avatars will appear on message lists,popup windows,and Home Screen widgets,represent corresponding contacts.
2. Animated emoticons
Most android IM app don’t support animated emoticons,due to the Android OS limitation.But there is a workaround in DroidSMS,which enable you to insert animated emoticons between words.And those android avatars support animations too.when a new message has come,the avatar will jump out and perform some animations while showing the message content.And don’t worry about the battery,those animations are fully optimized,and cost very less when showed on the screen.And most emoticons can be sent by SMS,instead of MMS.That is because DroidSMS uses a parser to transform special symbols into emoticons.For example,this symbol ‘:-)’ will display as an emoticon like ‘☺’.
3. Cool message widgets
Message widgets are my favorite,because they look pretty cool with android avatars shows on the left, and also very convenient to use.DroidSMS currently support 4*1 and 4*2 sized Home Screen message widget.4*1 widget will show the most recent message received with corresponding android avatar.4*2 widget can navigate between each received messages,and do more operations such as call the contact or reply a message directly.
4. Customizable UI layouts
DroidSMS currently support three build-in themes,and within each theme,you can modify the UI outlook.So the final outlook may be quite different even under the same theme.For example,in each theme,you can choose the conversation style between list style or bubble style,whether to show android avatars,whether to show send date,and so on,lots of combinations.Just use menu->settings to open the settings activity to configure the UI layouts,and try different combinations.
5. Backup and restore
DroidSMS can backup and restore sms in xml format,easy to browse or edit or import from other apps.There will be other format to be supported such as vcard,if there is any requirement.In the further version,maybe support Gmail synchronization too.If current backup utility is not enough,send me feedbacks.

Change Log v5.0:

1. Added droid avatar detail configure mode.
2. Popup message window support MMS.
3. Improved MMS slideshow layout.
4. Optimized UI for MMS edit and send.
5. Support signature for sending messages.
6. Added auto unlock screen option to popup message window.(Default turned off).
7. Fixed bugs,improvements,base on reports.
8. Solved MMS nortification delay problem.

Download DroidSMS 5.0 APK from here

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