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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Minicraft 1.2 APK

If you like to play game with simply features. Today, i want to introduce to you this new game by Folstad Consulting Inc who can made litle fun. So, enjoy it!

What's New?
1. Previous version saves will not work with this version sorry.
2. Fix bugs with saving / loading and not being able to craft or store items in chest
3. Multi Touch Support you can attack while moving now if your using the touch screen controls
4. Original Game sounds added w/ toggle
5. Workbench added to cheats
6. Send me your cool screenshots and i'll put them on the market
7. Current version has a bug where if you press the menu button before the game starts the menu button won't work in the game.

Minicraft 1.2 APK was made by Markus Persson for the 22′nd Ludum Dare Competition in December 2011.

With the new controls just touch the screen to move.
Press the context menu to save, cheat or exit
Use Load Game to load your saves

The new controls work like so:
Wherever you press the screen that is the location of the dpad. If you move your finger up past the threshold the character moves up. If you move to the right of where u first pressed your finger the character moves right.
Release your finger stops all movement.

I’m still working on it and hope to fix the movement controls when i get more time. I released this version because saving and loading is working great.

As others have mentioned I did not originally write this game @notch the creator of minecraft did. I just ported it to android for fun and to learn the codebase.

Download Minicraft 1.2 APK from here

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