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Friday, March 2, 2012

YouTube 2.4.4 APK

For you're people like to have app can 24 hours be your friend and look many of famous and interesting video around the world. Now, you can find that from this rank 3 website in the world has updated called YouTube 2.4.4 APK. So, if you're interest, download and hear the information below.

What's New?
1. Android 3.2+ devices: v.3.5
2. Sign-in with Google account
3. Multiple bug fixes
4. Earlier Android devices: v.2.4
5. Sign-in with Google account
6. HD playback (on capable phones)
7. Multiple bug fixes

Experience the latest and best version of the official YouTube 2.4.4 APK, which offers:

* Beautiful new UI design
* In-page playback (read comments while video is playing!)
* Personalized homescreen video feed
* Brand new player controls
* Rotate-for-fullscreen playback

Download YouTube 2.4.4 APK from here


Anonymous said...

YouTube 2.4.4 APK is the best!!
Go YouTube 2.4.4 APK...
I support and use YouTube 2.4.4 APK...

Anonymous said...

YouTube 2.4.4 APK is the best place to wathin video from Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0.
So, you want to try YouTube 2.4.4 APK???

Anonymous said...

YouTube 2.4.4 APK is top 10 must download app in android. So, go YouTube 2.4.4 APK...

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