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Sunday, April 1, 2012

UC Browser 8.2.2 APK

Nowadays, many people always search the most modern and great web browser for the smartphones. Comes from Firefox, Opera Mini, and Google Chrome. But, this is one of famous in Symbian. So, i hope you can know UC Browser 8.2.2 APK. Hear information and download link below. Enjoy it!

UC Browser, your choice along with 300 million people

Stop wasting your time for website loading, try UC Browser, the fastest, smartest mobile browser, the largest mobile browser worldwide, 300 million users’ choice in 150 countries.

-Best Mobile Browser Awards 2011 –
-Best Android Browser Awards 2012 —

-Multi-touch: With the swipe of your fingers, you can open, close, switch , and going backwards and forwards much faster and easier when surfing the web.

-VOX(voice control): UC Browser, upon recognizing your voice, will take you to your destination automatically, without any use of the finger.

-Cloud Acceleration: With continuous optimization, UC browser’s new kernel can function better with UC cloud acceleration, giving you unprecedented speed in web surfing.

-RSS Reader: Integrated RSS reader allowing you to visit your favorite sites with one simple touch.

-Auto-focus: Are you bothering for the ads and other un-related contents? Just click the area you want to read, then the page will auto focus on the content you are interesting, no more zoom in or out, automatically fitting to the size of your screen.

What's New?

1. Multi-touch: you can now stop recalling complex gestures, UC Multi-touch fulfills all major controls with a simple swipe of your fingertips.
2. VOX(voice control): Navigate, search, and controls the browser by listening to your voice command.
3. RSS Reader: We are well aware that you have your preferred channels on the internet. Now UC browser has integrated RSS reader which allows you to visit your favorite site with one simple touch.

Download UC Browser 8.2.2 APK from mediafire

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