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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS (S60v5 & S^3)

For you like to have web browser who will made your experience on networking life is more great for your S60v5 and Symbian^3 device. Now, i will introducing you with the most famous web browser called Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS. Enjoy it for maximum and better modern era.

Opera brings the most advanced Internet technologies to your mobile device today. Enjoy a premium experience on your phone or tablet, with the full array of sights, sounds and sensations from the Web.

What’s new?
The latest version of Opera Mobile gives you:
* 3D graphics
* Location-based services
* A camera in the browser!
Along with these cutting-edge features, we’ve also made lots of other nuts-and-bolts improvements, which means faster and smoother browsing for you. But, that’s not all...

Download Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS for S60v5 and Symbian^3 from here


Anonymous said...

Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS is the best experience of searching in Symbian^3.
Go Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS

Anonymous said...

Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS is will better is always been renewal every month.
I support you Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS..

Anonymous said...

Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS it will be my favourite wherever,.
I use Opera Mobile in my android.
But, iw will promotion, use and download Opera Mobile 12.00 SIS

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